Curbing Custom MoldCustom Mold Ordering

Power Curbers goal is to build your mold to your exact specification as quickly as possible. This is how you order a custom mold:

  1. Please submit a sketch, drawing or profile from a spec sheet for the required shape. If your mold is an exact replacement of an existing custom mold, all we need is the mold part number.
  2. Power Curbers will produce a scale drawing (A-size, 8.5×11) and send to you for your review.
  3. Please review the design, making sure that all dimensions are correct and that any optional equipment (extensions, block-outs, etc.) is included in the design.
  4. If any changes need to be made, please mark the changes on the design and return to Power Curbers. Please keep in mind that when one dimension changes, it will likely affect other dimensions. Power Curbers will make the requested change and re-send the modified mold design.
  5. When the drawing is correct, please sign your approval and return it to Power Curbers. Pending account approval and payment terms, Power Curbers will begin manufacturing the mold.

Please keep these things in mind when ordering your mold:

  • Please provide a ship-to address with your mold design
  • Installation and training are not included in the price of the mold
  • Curb and gutter molds typically weigh between 400-500 pounds (181 kg-226 kg). Sidewalk, barrier, and other larger molds weigh more. Please be sure that you have a way to unload a mold from a delivery truck.
  • E-mail is usually the fastest and easiest way to place mold orders. Please be sure to include company information in your email or other correspondence.
  • Contact your Regional Sales Manager or our experts at the factory to discuss your application and mold needs.