The Power Paver SF-3404 is the newest, most innovative full-width slipform paver on the market. Built with decades of knowledge and technological advancements, the SF-3404 delivers the smoothest, most precise concrete paving possible. The new 4-track paver is operator-centric, fully featured, and available with or without our compact Dowel Bar Inserter (DBI).

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The SF-3404 is built with decades of knowledge and technological advancements, delivering contractors the smoothest ride possible, saving valuable time, and providing complete visibility around the machine. It paves a maximum of 40 ft. (12 m) and features telescoping endpans for 2 ft. (61 cm) of width flexibility on each end. In addition, a heavy-duty plow and rigid paving pans make the SF-3404 highly reliable and efficient.

Advanced Operation

Featuring our familiar SlipSmart Control Solution the SF-3404 is simple, accurate, 3D-ready, and provides contractors with a new level of ultra-smooth, responsive precision. Slew drive or cylinder steering, swing legs, and telescopic width adjustments make setup quick, flexible, and straightforward.

The SF-3404 also features:

  • Machine controls that are scalable to the machine’s speed. The tamper, OCB, finisher, and misters automatically adjust.
  • TrackSmart crawler propulsion which uses closed-loop control for positive traction and fine speed control at slow speeds.
  • Full onboard diagnostics. No laptop required.
  • Vibration isolation on the operator’s platform for comfort.
  • Fully telescoping frame. Pave 12 to 24 ft. (3.6-7.3 m) using the dual-sided telescopic frame and sideforms, with no extensions required.


Superior Visibility

The control panel and operator’s platform are directly above the paving pan, which means the spread auger/plow and entire grout box are in plain sight for maximum head height control. Operators have complete visibility from the platform, including the grout box, dowel bar inserter (DBI), oscillating corrective beam (OCB), and final slab.

The DBI is mounted behind the operator’s platform, offering direct bar loading and placement visibility. The wraparound walkway offers access to both engine compartments for easy maintenance.

Exceptional Ride Quality

The SF-3404’s Oscillating Correctional Beam (OCB) is 30″ (76 cm) tall and 24″ (61 cm) in finishing length from front to back. It is the largest in the industry for the smoothest ride possible.

The machine’s optional Dowel Bar Inserter (DBI) features a hydraulic floating floor that minimizes surface disturbance and allows you to pave a wet or dry slump.

Thoughtful Design

  • Fewer parts for fewer problems, quick width changes, and ease of maintenance
  • Common bolt sizes and color-coded wiring throughout the machine

Dowel Bar Insertion

Our innovative, high-precision dowel bar inserter (DBI) maintains the integrity of your initial slab and reduces the amount of displaced concrete from the bar insertion process. Designed with efficiency and precision in mind, our DBI is engineered to save you time and money.

Compact Design

The DBI fits between the mold and rear posts, requiring no frame extensions. Simply back the tractor over the DBI to attach it. The unit is self-standing with optional loading legs and transports in a single assembly with the Oscillating Corrective Beam (OCB), OCB wiper, and final finisher.

Hydraulic Floating Floor

Our unique floating floor design contains and redirects vibration to heal the slab surface and improve concrete reconsolidation. Floor pressure is electronically adjustable from the operator console, and pressure is reduced when the floor is recalled to avoid disturbing the slab surface.


Each time the DBI carriage runs, it recalibrates with electronic transducer-controlled recall cylinders. This ensures the DBI floor is always positioned correctly, preventing wandering.

Accurate Crowning

Our DBI is split, allowing the DBI to maintain a crown. This increases the accuracy of bar placement and reduces the amount of displaced concrete when running DBI with a crown. On the SF-3404, bars are held and guided into the slab to prevent rollaways or shifting when crowning.

Simple Design, Hassle-Free Operation

The DBI incorporates an easy-to-load shuttle cart for simple, accurate bar placement. No jammed bars, and no concrete stuck in the feeder.

Other DBI Features

  • Vibrator Preheater: rather than waiting for the tractor to warm up, the DBI has heated vibrators with continuous temperature monitoring to ensure they run at a consistent temperature and speed.
  • Highly configurable insertion parameters for dwell time, spacing, and vibration
  • On-board diagnostic screens at the DBI controls and operator’s platform. No laptop required.
  • Joint sensor for pouring next to an existing slab
  • Tie-bar collision avoidance
  • Separate DBI telematics
  • Paint Sprayer


3D/Stringless Compatibility Package

Oscillating Corrective Beam (OCB)

Our OCB is 30″ (76 cm) tall and 24″ (61 cm) long finishing length Pafrom front to back. It is the largest OCB in the industry for the smoothest ride possible.

Smart Vibrator Package

Allows monitoring and more precise control of individual vibrator frequencies.

Cruise Control Valves

Allows for maintaining accurate frequency settings.

Telescopic Sideform Ends

2 ft. (61 cm) per side

Center Tie Bar Inserter (CTBI)

Side Tie Bar Inserter (STBI)

Dowel Crane

Misting Kits

Final Finisher

Floating Paver Pan

Belt Finisher


Slipform Paving

Maximum Paving Width: 40 ft (12m)
Hydraulic Edge Overbuild
Split Sideforms, Swing Out and Batter Control

Crown: 2 for Paver | 1 for DBI

Telescopic Paver Endpan: 2 ft (61 cm) per side

Front Congifutations:

  • Spread Plow and Strikeoff (required for DBI)
  • Spread Auger and Strikeoff
  • Open-Front Mold
  • Grout Auger
  • Tamper Bar


Type: Cummins B6.7 diesel engine, Stage 5

Power: 310 HP (228kW)

Service Capacities

Fuel (Tractor): 148 gallons (673 L) diesel

DEF (Tractor): 26.6 gallons (121 L), diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

Fuel (DBI): 62 gallons (282 L) ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD)

Hydraulic Oil (Tractor): 300 gal (1,364 L)

Hydraulic Oil (DBI): 80 gal (363.7 L)

Engine Oil (Tractor): 20.8 quarts (19.7 L)

Pump Gearbox: 5.25 quarts (4.97 L)

Engine Coolant: 8.8 gal (40 L)


Vibrator Circuits: 36 variable-speed hydraulic vibrator circuits with independent and proportional master control

Optional cruise control valves for maintaining accurate frequency settings

Optional Minnich AutoVibe monitoring


Operator’s Controls: SlipSmart Control Solution. 24-volt DC

ConnectSmart: Telematics solution

TrackSmart: Closed-loop crawler propulsion

Optional 3D/GPS stringless control system integration from Leica, Topcon, & Trimble

Crawlers & Elevation Posts

Type: Four hydraulically-powered crawler tracks

Steering: Slew drives or cylinder-steer

Swing Legs

Tracks: 16 in (41 cm) wide x 96 in (244 cm) long

Speed: 120 ft/min (37 m/min)

Post Extension: 38 in (97cm) hydraulic | 18 in (46 cm) mechanical

Polyurethane pads are available for crawlers instead of steel tracks


Compact DBI

Maximum Insertion Width: 40 ft (12 m)

Engine Type: Hatz 4H50ticd diesel, Stage 5

Engine Power: 74 HP (54.4 kW)

Optional Dowel Crane

Optional Hydraulic Loading Legs

Water System

Washer: High-pressure (3,000 psi) and low-pressure (80 psi) systems available.

Tank Capacity: 150 gal (567.8 L)

Optional additional tanks can be mounted to any post

Optional burlap, OCB misting kits

Other Features

Light Kit: 2 LED work lights per post

Canopy Top: Hinged canopy top can be easily raised for machine operation and folded for transport

Safety Equipment: Emergency stop and horn buttons on each post and at multiple operator positions

Vibration-Isolated Operator Platform

Large Toolbox

Optional Balloon Lights

Net Weight

Tractor: 87,000 lbs (39,463 kg)

Mold with CTBI: 58,000 lbs  (26,308 kg)

DBI with STBI and Crane: 65,000 lbs (29,484 kg)

Transport Dimensions

Tractor Minimum Length: 35 ft (10.67 m)

Tractor Height: 8.17 ft (2.49 m)

Tractor Width: 7.33 ft (2.24 m)


DBI Minimum Length: 17.01 ft (5.21 m)

DBI Height: 8.17 ft (2.49 m)

DBI Width: 12 ft (3.66 m)