Slipform Pavers


Power Paver SF-2404The SF-2404 slipform paver from Power Pavers can be used for conventional paving, offset paving, and custom applications. The four-track SF-2404 paver is ideal for residential and intermediate paving projects.

The SF-2404 features a telescoping frame to allow simple width adjustment from 8 ft (2.5 m) to 20 ft (6 m) without having to add rigid frame extensions. One-touch track positioning and a simple rotary knob to control steering make the SF-2404 machine easy to operate. The 138:1 track drive gear ratio with two-speed H1 bent axis motor provides smooth paving at extremely low speeds as well as faster speeds for moving around the job site. When you’re done paving, it’s a quick change from paving to transport mode. The operator can prep the machine for loading without ever having to leave the controls.


power paver sf 1700 paving roadThe Power Pavers SF-1700 is the most economical and compact slipform paver in our line. Designed for paving widths from 10 to 24 feet (3 to 7.5 meters), it is ideal for half-width paving, congested city street paving, rural roads and much more.

Ranging in weight from 39,000 to 45,000 pounds (17,690 to 20,412 kg), it produces a smooth surface when paving smaller roads or when concrete supply is limited. With only 29 inches (74cm) of side clearance required, the SF-1700 easily fits where larger machines will not in rehab projects or other congested sites. The SF-1700 features two heavy-duty 12’ (3.65m) track systems and simple elevation controls to get the job done in record time.


power paver sf 2700 paving roadOur most popular machine, the Power Paver SF-2700 is a two-track slipform paver designed to pave between 12’ (3.65m) and 27’ (8.23m) wide. The SF-2700 is ideal for residential streets, street rehabilitation, and overlay work. Contractors love the machine’s low profile and narrow side clearance {29” (74cm)} which simplifies rehab work on cramped city streets.

The machine was designed around production and simplicity. The operator has an excellent view of all functions around the machine and its’ low center of gravity makes it easy to transport. Equipped with electronic sensors, easy to mount vibrators, and without bulky side-forms, operators can focus their time paving rather than setting up.

In addition to standard road jobs, the SF-2700 can pave up to 32’ (9.75m) wide with extensions. With a paving depth of up to 16” (40.6cm) it can be used in airport work.

Standard features include a reversible auger system, split tamper bar, and hydraulic strike-off for metering concrete. Optional equipment includes keyway inserters, bar inserters, integral curb molds, and belt finisher.


power paver sf 3000 paving roadThe Power Paver SF-3000 is our heavy-duty, high production slipform paver for use on streets, highways, and airports. At 65,000 lbs. (29,400kg) the SF-3000 has the weight and stability to handle large jobs at high production rates up to 20” (50cm) thick.

Hydraulic loading legs which extend to allow for easy loading and transport, coupled with the ability to change widths quickly, make the SF-3000 extra-productive. Like its little brother the SF-2700, the SF-3000 is simple to set-up and operate.

The SF-3000 also features side forms which hydraulically widen 3”(7.6cm) and raise 3” (7.6cm) allowing the operator to back over the previous day’s pour and to start paving right off the header, eliminating gaps and blow-out and resulting in less handwork. This side form design also creates crisp, sharp pavement edges. The 18” (45.7cm) diameter auger is powered to spread large amounts of concrete entering the paving chamber.

Standard features on the SF-3000 allow for paving from 12’ (3.65m) to 27’ (8.23m) wide, with optional extensions to 32’ (9.75m) wide. Other options on the SF-3000 include keyway inserters, bar inserters, one-speed track motors, and a belt finisher.