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Power Curbers & Power Pavers are the world’s largest suppliers of concrete curb machines & paving machines. We provide a wide variety of products, parts and support to best meet your needs, making us your full-service partner. Click on the product categories below to learn more about the features and models of the equipment we offer.

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Paving & Curbing Equipment We Carry

Curb Machines

The world’s number-one-selling curb machine—the 5700-D— is versatile, durable and expertly designed. All Power Curbers’ slipform curb machines seamlessly handle curbs and gutters, highway safety barriers, irrigation ditches, sidewalks and other paving applications.

Multipurpose Machines

The Power Curber 7700 is the most versatile multipurpose machine on the market for a wide variety of offset and paving applications. The 7700 can slipform safety barriers, bridge parapets, ditches and roads with efficiency and precision.


Power Curbers invented the first extruded curb machine in 1953, and our modern 150 extruder is the industry standard for mobility, precision and ease of use. An extruded curb machine is best for smaller-scale projects on existing pavement or smooth, flat, 95% compacted subgrade.
150 Extruder


Power Curbers creates custom molds for any of your concrete projects. Each high-quality mold is tailored to your specifications to ensure precise results.
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Pre-Owned Machines

Explore a wide selection of high-quality, dependable used paving equipment. With Power Curbers, you have the peace of mind that each machine was expertly refurbished.
Legacy Models Machines For Sale

Slipform Pavers

Continuously pour and shape concrete for larger-scale projects, such as roads and highways, with the most advanced machines available. Power Pavers’ slipform pavers are renowned for the consistency, precision and smooth finishes they offer.
SF-3404 SF-2404 SF-1700 SF-2700

Texture/Curing Machines

Put the finishing touches on your pavement in one pass. Power Pavers’ texturing and curing machine, the TC-2700, is simple to operate and gets the job done quickly.


Eliminate the need for traditional string setups. Power Pavers’ 3D stringless paving technology offers advanced GPS and control systems for unparalleled accuracy.