5700-D – The One-Machine Solution

Power Curbers has been the industry leader in the production of slipform concrete curb machines for more than 65 years. Our 5700-D is the number one-selling Curb & Gutter Machine in the world, for many reasons:

  • Compact profile can fit in tight spots such as parking lot corners and cul-de-sacs
  • Front-track steering that simplifies turns
  • Low-center-of-gravity design that’s stable even on rough terrain
  • Auger Conveyor system that moves concrete faster and can hold up to a cubic yard of concrete at a time for radius & cul-de-sac work
  • Dual-side pouring option
  • New SlipSmart Control System
  • Control panel improvements including “all up” jog switch, master vibrator scale knob, weatherproof switches, trimmer “on” light, cup holders and more

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Making Concrete Curb Machines Since 1953

Legacy Models

Since introducing the 5700 Series more than 30 years ago, Power Curbers has offered several models of curb machines:

Power Curbers original 5700 curb and gutter machine
  • The first in the 5700 Series, our original 5700 featured the hydraulic offset, allowing it to maneuver around obstacles quickly.
  • In addition to curb & gutter, it could slipform sidewalks, highway barrier, bridge parapet, and special applications up to 8 feet (2.44m) wide.
Power Curbers 5700-B curbing machine paving a sidewalk
  • Introduced in 1994, the 5700-B was the first machine to feature our effective Auger Conveyor system.
  • This machine allowed users to triple their daily production and operate with smaller crews for greater efficiency.
Power Curbers 5700-Super-B curb machine paving a curb
  • The follow-up to the 5700-B, Power Curbers’ 5700-SUPER-B was made from 2004 through 2006.
  • It offered 50% more horsepower and a more user-friendly work experience, with a raised operator platform for improved visibility, an ergonomic console and coolant radiators to keep hot air away from the operator.
Power Curbers 5700-C curbing machine
  • The longest-lived 5700 generation yet, it was manufactured from 2007 through 2019.
  • Introducing technology into the controls, the 5700-C had the ability to steer with all three tracks, pour using 3D/Stringless controls, slip left- or right-handed and, with the MAX package, form the largest applications yet.

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Power Curbers offers a variety of pre-owned concrete curb machines for sale, including the 5700-C and 5700-SUPER-B.

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What is a Concrete Curb Machine?

Concrete Curb Machines are industrial scale pieces of equipment that are designed to pour concrete in special shapes to quickly create concrete objects such as curbs, gutters, barrier walls, sidewalks, ditches and more.

Power Curbers is the industry leader in slipform concrete curb and gutter machines. Our compact, nimble machines get your curbing jobs done faster and more efficiently – even in tight spots.

What are Common Uses for Concrete Curbing Machines?

Concrete curb machines from Power Curbers are used to quickly complete a huge variety of paving jobs, such as:

  • Subdivisions
  • Parking lots
  • Highway barriers
  • Sidewalks
  • Irrigation ditches
  • And more

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