No Barriers to Pouring Barrier

In past entries, I’ve written about customers diversifying in order to keep their machines running.  With federal stimulus dollars earmarked for highway work, bridge parapet and barrier wall opportunities have increased dramatically across the U.S. Over the past 12 months we’ve seen many customers, who were strictly curb and gutter contractors, make the leap into the barrier market.  Though standing concrete up in the air 3′-4′ is initially intimidating for folks who are accustomed to curb, our customers are finding that pouring barrier isn’t as difficult as it may first appear.  Like any job, preparation is the key.  That includes a mold built to the proper specs with enough batter, a solid, smooth foundation on which to run the machine, very rigid steel cage if rebar is used, and the key to any successful pour, good and consistent concrete.

We’ve responded to this shift in the market by introducing the “Max Package” to the 5700-C.  The 5700-C-Max includes all crawler steering, low speed torque hubs, a repositionable right side post, and nine vibrator circuits.  All of which equip the machine for most any type of barrier you want to throw at it.  For those of you with existing 5700-B or newer machines, you have plenty of machine to handle standard barrier up to 5′ tall.

If you would like to explore barrier work and learn more about what you’ll need to do to get set up, please call us at Power Curbers at 704 636 5871, or better yet call me directly at 704 647 6157.  We’re ready and able to help you expand your business