Bauma 2010 Report

Last weekend it looked as if Bauma might have to go on without many of us.  Inbound flights to Europe were cancelled all over as ash from Iceland’s volcanic eruption settled in over German airspace.  After a few too exciting days the Power Curbers crew was able to make it into Munich on Tuesday, only missing one day of the show.  Once there, we found that although some folks’ trips had to be cancelled, 415,000 visitors still managed to squeeze through the turnstiles.

The actual show was as impressive as ever.  Large earth-moving manufacturers spent weeks prior to the show building multi-level facilities capable of hosting hundreds of guests.  Particuarly note-worthy was Liebherr’s complex with glass building that resembled a modern airport terminal.  Their new T 282 C mining truck with 400 ton payload literally stopped traffic as gawkers stared and snapped pictures of this behemoth.   As always, Caterpillar’s display included use of lights, music, and dancers to entertain as well as educate its’ visitors.

At the Power Curbers/Power Pavers stand, we had a great week as we welcomed visitors from all over the globe.  At any given time a cacophony of English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, could be heard in our booth as Power Curber dealers and customers mingled.  We displayed a new 5700-C with MAX package and variable barrier mold and a Power Paver SF-2700.  We were especially pleased with the response to the C-MAX.  Contractors with large infrastructure projects love the idea of a machine compact enough for curb and gutter that easily converts to pour massive barrier molds and spreads out to pave up to 12′ (3.65m) wide.  The C-MAX’s variable “double barrier” mold used in the U.K. brought lots questions as contractors studies its’ hydraulically adjustable sides and its unique shape.

Though the U.S. economy still struggles to right the ship, we heard a very different story from other corners of the world.  Airport projects, tunnels, ring roads around major cities, and new highways in developing nations are creating excellent opportunities for contractors and manufacturers alike.

For those of you who made the trip, we say Thank You for your visit.  Connecting with customers and hearing what’s important to you make events like Bauma so important.