Changing Seasons, Changing Businesses

My office window overlooks a a large grove of hardwood trees.  The maples, oaks, and elms have just begun their fall color explosion.  A few reds and bright yellows have worked their way into the canvas that’s been green since April.  Each autumn, the leaves remind me of the inevitably of change in our lives. Whether it’s the change of seasons, children growing up all too fast, or parents aging, there is no cocoon.  We can’t escape change.

Nowhere has this been better illustrated than in the world of construction since 2008.  Each day we see our customers deal with new change in the business, forcing them to adapt in order to survive.  Do more with less people, pour more curb for less pay, travel longer distances to do work are changes that concrete contractors deal with everyday.  Some changes, however, are much larger in scope.  Many contractors have left the comfort of pouring curb and gutter in subdivisions to take on government and highway projects and the scrutiny that goes with them.  Others have seen curb become so scarce that they’ve moved into barrier work or concrete paving.  That’s quite a step for any contractor.

These changes affect everyone in the contracting supply line. At Power Curbers, we’ve become more dependent on international business than ever before, focusing our sales and marketing efforts on countries that are sometimes hard to find on a map!  Our upcoming issue of Power Curbers Profiles will feature a South African RCC dam project, a Turkish subway tunnel, and a unique barrier application in the U.K., a far cry from the subdivision curb and sidewalk stories of just three years ago.  With large highway and airport projects booming worldwide, Power Pavers, our sister company which produces concrete slipform pavers, went from infancy in 2002 to become a major part of our company in just eight years.

Whether in business or life, Darwin taught us many years ago that adaptability is a must for survival.  You’re making those adjustments each day in your business. Rest assured that we are as well and regardless of the season, we’ll be there with you.