Some Perspective

We recently published and mailed our last 2010 company newsletter, Power Curbers Profiles to contractors all over the world.  In reviewing our 2010 issues, the change of scenery in our industry was more evident than ever.  Though the days of subdivision after subdivision were profitable and frankly, easy, the work we see in 2011 is much more interesting.  Our December issue featured a 5700-C-MAX pouring a massive variable barrier mold in a tunnel that will become part of Istanbul Turkey’s subway, a 5700-Super-B pouring the walls of a South African dam, and a Power Paver SF-3000 paving aprons at Moscow’s International airport.  In spite of the obvious problems at home, what an exciting time to be involved in slip-form paving across the globe.  Each day is a new challenge with requests for V-ditches, canals, concrete slabs, and stadiums often located in countries I couldn’t have found on a map three years ago.  More difficult..more risky…yes, but more rewarding?  Absolutely.

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