Power Curbers & Power Pavers, Inc. Unveils New Products at ConExpo 2017


Power Curbers & Power Pavers will introduce two new products at ConExpo 2017 in Las Vegas in March.


Power Curber 7700

The Power Curber 7700 is a multipurpose slipform machine that is designed for a wide variety of both offset applications and paving up to 20 ft (6 m) wide. Like the other machines from Power Curbers, it is as easy to operate as it is versatile.


It is ideal for the contractor who does different types of work, including road paving or offset applications like barrier and variable barrier, bridge parapet, ditches, and more. The machine’s flexibility means it can handle custom designs for all applications, such as tunnel work.


In paving mode, the 7700 features hydraulic sides, edge overbuild, and crowning capabilities. Optional features include a tamper bar, auger or plow, and finishers.


The 7700 features a fully hydraulic telescoping frame that makes it simple to switch from paving to offset mode, as well as the Simple Steer Track Positioning System, which aligns all four crawlers for switching modes. It is also stringless capable, so contractors can use it with 3D/GPS machine controls.


Power Paver 2400 Series

With the launch of the 2400 series of slipform pavers, Power Pavers carries their extensive experience and continuous innovation into the world of four-track paving. The SF-2404 is the contractor’s solution for conventi onal paving, offset paving, and custom applications and is ideal for residential and intermediate paving projects up to 24.6 ft (7.5 m) wide. A two-track model, the SF-2402, is also available.


The SF-2404 features a telescoping frame that allows simple width adjustments. One-touch track positioning and simple steering controls make the 2400 series machines easy to operate.


Boasting a 138:1 track drive gear ratio, the SF-2404 can produce smooth paving even at extremely low speeds. Vibrators can be controlled individually or globally from the operator’s console, with the ability to monitor and record vibrator speeds using the optional Smart Vibe system.


The 2400 series machines are stringless-ready from the factory and are validated for use with Leica, Topcon, and Trimble 3D/GPS control systems.


For more information on the 7700, the 2400 series, or any of our other products, visit us at ConExpo in the South Hall at Booth #S60538.


Media inquiries can be directed to Stephen Bullock, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at 704.647.6157 or sbullock@powercurbers.com.



About Power Curbers & Power Pavers Power Curbers, Inc. was founded in 1953 in Salisbury, NC, USA, and manufactured the world’s first automatic curb machine. Today, the company builds slipform machines used for curbs, sidewalks, barrier walls, ditches, concrete paving, and a variety of special applications. With machines in over 90 countries, Power Curbers & Power Pavers is an industry leader in innovation, quality, and customer service.