Power Curbers is ready for 3D – when 3D is ready for your jobsite.

3-D Technology for Curb Machines

Power Curbers, Inc., is actively engaged in 3-D technology research for curb machines.
The possibility of eliminating the setting of hubs and the labor-intensive setting of stringline will revolutionize curb work. The use of common control systems for graders and curb machines is an advancement of unparallel proportions.

Challenges include:
Data management must be fail-safe. When 3-D models are created and the general contractor gives the data disk to the curb contractor after the earth-moving work is completed, the curb contractor must have confidence that the information on the disk is correct. If incorrect information is downloaded into the curb machine and there is a subsequent mistake in the placement of concrete, it is a significant loss.

When curb contractors set stringline, any previous errors become evident. Without setting stringline, you lose the visual control.

3-D technology must allow the curb machine to turn a tight radius, critical in today’s market. With larger pavers used for mainline paving, radii are more sweeping, making it a better fit for 3-D technology. Turning a 2-foot radius in a parking lot with a curb machine is a challenge for 3-D technology.

With GPS controls, a goal is to use the same 3-D hardware for earthmoving operations and the curb installation, thus reducing the price.

We are excited about the technology and clearly see its benefits, while identifying and addressing challenges.