Radius Work? No Problem!

The design of the terminal allows for more efficient loading and parking for the busesCharlie Ewing, equipment operator for Curbs Etc of Smyrna, DE, has seen it all in over 20 years of Power Curbers’ machines. Specializing in pouring curb, Curbs Etc’s range of work has included sidewalk, traffic separator, and ditches. Recently they tackled one of their most challenging jobs at the Dover (DE) Transit Center. The design-build project, lead by R.E. Pierson Construction Co. of Woodstown, NJ, with input from Curbs Etc., required placing a continuous series of serpentine 90-degree curb at the Transit Center’s bus arrival terminal. The purpose of the curb placed with such a severe radius was to allow buses entering the facility to pull to the curb, unload and load passengers without leaving the curb or re-positioning the bus, and to pull away in one motion. Using hydraulic ramps the buses enable passengers to step onto the adjacent platform, easing the loading and unloading process, and allowing the buses to depart without hitting the curb or backing out.


Charlie gladly took on the challenge with his 5700-C. The rear grade sensor never left the stringline and the machine didn’t have to be repositioned throughout the pour. He and his crew poured radius after radius, in and out, right down the line stopping the machine only briefly. Pouring the 2,000’ section with the machine saved days of expensive formwork and kept the project on schedule. By pouring the 20” high, 8”wide curb at such a speed, other contractors were able to move in quickly to pave the parking lot immediately following the curb pour.


Curbs Etc. is a diversified contractor pouring a mix of both DOT and private jobs. A recent convenience store parking lot presented Charlie with 2.5’ foot radiuses which he turned smoothly and with “no problems.” According to Charlie it was just another in a long line of accomplishments for Curbs Etc. and their Power Curber 5700-C.


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