Lower Post Bushing Replacement

on 5700B’s and Super B’s (part # A871572)

Lower Post Bushing Replacement
The kit is comprised of two nylon split bushings to form a circle and two steel ring inserts for protection of the split bushings against the setscrews.

1.  Front Post **Rear Post start from section 2
Raise machine to reveal approx 18″ of post showing.
Remove excess grease from around vicinity.
Turn the front crawler left to the 11 o’clock position so as to aid in the positioning of 2 ratchet tie down straps. Use sturdy 2″ wide tie down straps to tension the front and rear of the steering collar in a manner that does not to impede the removal of the eight set screws and jam nuts.
**** Do not place straps where they will interfere with the removal of the bushing.
The rear strap should be around the steering lug.
The front strap should be over the top of the steering feedback housing.
Do not over tighten the straps.
Remember these are only to stop the steering collar A57935 from falling.

 2. Rear Post start & Front Post continued
Remove the screws and jam nuts.
At this point the bushings should slide down from inside the outer post housing.
Replace in the reverse order.

 3. Replacement
The bushings should be inserted with the wide lip pointed up.
Note that the steel ring should be placed so that the joints are not aligned to the joints in the bushing, preferably 90 degrees apart from one another. Most important is the placement of the steel joints in relation to the set screws; the gap in the metal ring must not fall in line with any of the set screws.
Slide the bushing upwards into the outer post housing. The groove in the steel ring will be visible in the screw holes of the outer post.
Once the bushing is aligned; Insert the set screws and hand tighten in a crisscross pattern.
Next make the setscrews snug but not tight. Back off 1 turn and lock down with the jam nut.
Only after the set screws have engaged into steel rings may the ratchet straps be removed from the steering collar on the front post.

Grease with general purpose grease EP-2 (or equivalent) through the fittings on the post. Insure that the post runs up and down smoothly.