Check & Change the Hydraulic Oil in a 5700-C or 5700-D


You should check the hydraulic oil every day before you start the 5700-C or 5700-D. If the level is below the line, it is time to add more oil. Learn how to check & add oil here.

This is the location of the hydraulic oil site glass on the 5700-C or 5700-D. With the battery door open, you can see the decal pertaining to the hydraulic oil level site glass. The level should be even with the black line near the top of the site glass.

You should check the hydraulic oil level every day before you start the machine. This ensures an accurate reading.

First open the access panel above the hydraulic tank. Press and hold the bleeder valve to allow any trapped air to escape. You can now get an accurate reading on the site glass.

If the level is below the line, oil will need to be added.

To begin, remove the filler plug.

The level here may appear to be full, but this is the dirty oil tank. It remains full at all times.

Depress the bleeder button and place a wrench on top of it this will keep it depressed during filling.

Now we can add clean AW46 oil through the filler plug.

The oil is added to the dirty box and runs through the return filters on its way to the clean tank.

This is the only way to properly fill the hydraulic tank.

It will take some time, but it ensures that your hydraulic system will remain clean.

You’re finished when the level in the sight glass reaches the black line near the top of the gage.

Reinstall the figure plug and clean any spilled fluid

Your hydraulic fluid oil is now ready for the day’s pour.

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