Loading & Unloading a 5700-C


The 5700C is a highly complex yet very user-friendly piece of equipment. This simple tutorial explains how to start, move, load, and unload your 5700C machine.

This video covers starting, moving, loading, and unloading your Power Curber 5700C.

Before starting the machine, follow a few simple steps.

First, check all machine fluid levels.

Place all switches and knobs highlighted in yellow to the “off”, or “neutral” position.

Place the crawler hi/low switch to the LOW position for loading, unloading, or pouring. Hi is generally used for moving the machine around the jobsite.

Be sure the crawler speed control is in the neutral position.

For loading or unloading, place all amplifiers to the “M” or manual position. If you are moving the machine, but not loading or unloading, place the slope amp to the “A” or Automatic position.

Turn the ignition key to the “on” position.

At this time the green “power” light should be illuminated.

Check the emergency stop light near the top of the console, it should NOT be lit. If it is on, the machine will not start. Check the various emergency stops around the machine until you find the one that is depressed.

Push the start toggle switch “up” and hold until the engine starts.

Allow the engine and fluids to warm for several minutes.

Turn the servo switch to ON.

Raise the machine so that the mold and trimmer have plenty of ground clearance.

Turn the crawler vibrator switch to the ON position.

Rotate the crawler speed control to achieve the desired speed.

Use the jog switch on the steering amp to steer the machine.

For loading, make sure the trailer, ramp or docks are in good condition and properly rated for the weight of the machine.

Make sure the slope amp is in the manual position before loading or unloading your machine. Failure to do so will cause the machine to react to the movements of the trailer. This can destabilize the machine and could lead to a potential rollover.

Use a spotter to help direct while the machine is being loaded and unloaded.

Once in position, lower the machine as much as possible to lower the center of gravity.

Let the engine cool for 1 to 2 minutes for shutting it off.

Power Curbers uses a crisscross chain pattern to secure the machine to the trailer. Please contact your local authorities for acceptable options in your area.

Be sure that the conveyor swivel lock and tilt lock are in place before transporting the machine. Also be sure that all sensor arms and other moving parts are secure, and cannot move during transit.

Unloading requires the same attention to detail and safety precautions as loading. Please be familiar with all machine controls, and review the operator’s manual before attempting to move, load, or unload your 5700C.

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