Power Curber a Perfect Fit for Rehab Project


Brock Construction in North Bend, OR, used their 5700-Super-B to pour 4,000 feet of new curb and gutter as well as sidewalk as part of a waterfront revitalization project for the City of Coos Bay.


“The job was a partnership with the city’s urban renewal and ODOT,” says Greg Brock, owner/operator. “It was a perfect job for the Power Curber to get the curb and gutter line installed quickly to maintain traffic flow, and more importantly, stormwater runoff, as the job was adjacent to the waterfront.”


“There wasn’t much room to work – we had just enough room to keep the traffic lanes open,” says Greg. “Otherwise we would have to pave at night. It was important to keep traffic flowing to not slow up our concrete delivery, too.”


Brock Construction was originally supposed to just do the curb and gutter work, but the Super-B brought them a little extra business.


“We just floorboarded him,” Greg says of the contractor who hired them to do the curb work. “He looked at the curb and looked at us and said, ‘You know what – I want you guys to do the sidewalks for me, too.’ Having the machine on the job has gotten us more work.”


“The finished work sure adds to the Coos Bay waterfront and downtown district. The hand railing is imperative to protect pedestrians from the trains that come through daily,” Greg says. “Already there are plans to extend the new waterfront to the city of North Bend.”


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