SF-3000 Slipform Paver


The Power Paver SF-3000 is our heavy duty model. It handles streets, highways & airports. Hydraulic loading legs & changeable width make it easy to use. Learn more about the SF-3000 here!

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Diesel Engine

Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 3, water cooled, turbocharged, after-cooled engine with 260 HP (193kw) @ 2200 RPM. In line six cylinder, 6.7 liter (409 cu in) displacement, with 12 volt electrical system and 130 amp alternator.

Track Drive System

Two heavy duty 14′ (4.27m) track systems, with 14” (35.6cm) wide, triple grouser street shoes. Track components with sealed links, lifetime lubricated rollers, grease gun type hydraulic track tension adjustment

Paving speeds….0-36 fpm (11 mpm)

Travel speeds…..0-69 fpm (21 mpm)

Side clearance (distance from edge of slab to outer most portion of track) 30” (76.20cm) with standard two speed motors.


Telescoping 20” (50.8cm) deep mainframe is hydraulically adjustable up to 9′ (2.74m). Extensions expand the paving width to 27’(8.23m). Optional extensions expand the paving kit to 32’(9.75m).

Hydraulic controlled loading legs are standard

Quick release of sub-paving package for easier width changes

Hydraulic Oil and Filtration

200 Gallon (757 liters) main hydraulic reservoir with visual fluid indicator

Three sump filters, and four 10 micron spin-on filters

Inline filters on sensors

Water System

Hydraulically driven 4 gpm (15.14-lpm) pump delivers 2000 psi (138bar) water for cleanup and utility use

On-board water storage capacity is 220 gallons (833 liters)

Grade Control

Automatic machine elevation is maintained by the hydraulically powered leg columns on each track assembly. Control is through the hydraulic sensor system and is referenced through four sensor units.

Elevation Control

Manual or automatic mode is operator selected.


Operator selection of manual or automatic control

Counter rotation of crawler tracks possible in manual mode

Fully proportional sensing system for automatic steering control from grade reference

Plumbing is provided for right hand or left hand steering reference

Optional auto reverse available

Spreader Auger

18” (45.7cm) Diameter split, reversible auger with hard-surfaced flighting

Each side individually speed controlled driven and driven separately

Heavy-duty 29.9 cu. in. (490cc) hydraulic motors with 3.27 to 1 reduction for power to move low slump concrete at widths over 32’(9.75)

Augers strike-off beam are tied to auto-grade; but can be manually over-ridden at any time for metering concrete flow to the enclosed vibrator and tamper section in front of the profile pan

Augers and strike-off beam all power-crown together

Quick disconnect on auger system for changing widths. Auger widens by section.

Hydraulic Vibrators

2.25” (5.7cm) Diameter head hydraulic “L” shaped paving vibrators with individual pressure compensated controls (up to 24 controls)

Standard machine features 16 hydraulic internal vibrators with individual pressure compensated flow control valves located at the console (up to 24 vibrators)

Vertical adjustment is operator controlled through hydraulic power lift system

Removable baffle plates between vibrators for use on supers

Tamper Bar

Hydraulic powered tamper bar. Speed is controlled by operator

Tamper bars are staggered for smoother paving

Tamper bars crown automatically with the profile pan

Double tamper bar to prevent “crusting” in vibration chamber

Profile Pan

46” (1.17m) Profile pan with power crown for straight (roof top) crown configurations

Profile pan automatically adjusts for grade variations up to 24” (60.9cm) during the paving process

Adjustable End pan over-build to compensate for edge slump

Profile pan, tracks, and sideforms automatically adjust from running with both tracks on the ground to one or both tracks running on adjacent slab without modification


30” (76cm) high sideforms for containing enough concrete during deep pours

Sideforms hydraulically widen out to back over previous day’s pour for less handwork at start of next pour

Sideforms hydraulically lift up 2” (5cm) for travel over rough terrain

Controls for sideforms are at ground level as well as on control console


Paving Dimensions

Maximum Paving Depth: 24” (50cm)

Standard Paving Width: 12’ (3.65m) to 27’ (8.23m)

Optional Paving Width: To 32’ (9.75m)

Height: 10’-6” (3.2m)

Overall Width: 54” (137cm) wider than paving width

Length: 16’-6” (5.02m)

Weight: 65,000 lbs. (29,484 kg) to 75,000 lbs. (34,020 kg)Weight will vary depending on paving width

Transportation Dimensions

Height (with muffler): 11’ (3.35m)

Height (without muffler): 9’-6 ” (2.9m)

Length: 54” (137cm) longer than paving width

Width (with tracks): 14’ (4.25m)

Width (without tracks): 12’ (3.65m)

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank: 95 gal (360 L)

Hydraulic Oil Tank: 200 gal (757 L)

Engine Oil: 6 gal (23 L)

Engine Coolant: 6 gal (23 L)

Auxiliary Water Supply: 220 gal (833 L)

Optional Equipment
  • Extension kit to 32’(9.75m)
  • Four bank vibrator control manifolds
  • Curb molds
  • Continuous keyway inserter (per side)
  • Male sideform key (per side)
  • Center bar inserter
  • Manual side bar inserter (per side)
  • Hydraulic belt finisher
  • 10′ (30.4m) Oscillating final finisher