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Equipment Guide

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Curb Maching

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Standard Equipment

  • Carbide Tooth Trimmer
    • Cuts through the hardest subgrade, speeding production
    • Long wear
  • Cast Auger Conveyor: 144″ (3.7m); 24″ (61cm) hydraulic cylinder shift
    Asphalt Curbing Machine
    • Speeds up pours!
    • Fully enclosed
    • Moves concrete faster and keeps the machine cleaner
    • Holds enough concrete to complete a tight radius, without delays caused by repositioning the ready-mix truck
    • Constantly mixes concrete. The separation of the mix caused by belt conveyors is eliminated, resulting in a strong, smooth curb
    • Eliminates frequent replacement of belt conveyor
    • For transport, the auger is repositioned to within the width of the main machine
  • High Pressure Washer: 2000 psi (138 bar)
    Curbing EquipmentWith water pressure of 2000 psi and an 132-gallon (500 liters) tank, there is plenty of water and water pressure for clean-up at the end of the day.
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Offset: 24″ (61cm) lateral shift; 25″ (63.5cm) vertical shift including 16″ (40.6cm) hydraulic lift and 9″ (22.8cm) mechanical lift
    Position the mold independently of the machine for set-up versatility important for reconstruction work or reaching past obstructions. Also, work around catch basins while staying on the line, speeding production.
  • Hydraulic Right Rear Straddle Leg: 22″ (56cm) of side shift

Allows 22″ (56 cm) of side shift for crawler placement and greater stability.

  • Hydraulic Vibrators: 2
    Two hydraulic vibrators consolidate concrete for consistent pouring.
  • Mold: Up to 32″ (81cm) wide
  • On-Board Water System: 132 gals (500 liters) stainless steel tank
  • Proportional Electronic Controls
  • Quick-Release Hopper
  • Single-Lane Pour Capability
    Concrete truck is directly in front of the machine, resulting in quick, safe pours in single traffic lanes, or tight spots in parking lots
  • Tracks: 12″ (30cm) wide
  • Vibrator Circuits: 6
    The machine comes equipped with 6 vibrator circuits, allowing you to pour 8-foot (2.4m) golf cart paths, or 5&\#39; (1.5m) barrier wall, without adding vibrator circuits.

Optional Equipment

  • Quick Connect Mold Mount System
    Curb MachineThis option allows molds to be changed hydraulically in only a few minutes without heavy hand work. This saves as much as 30 minutes or more per mold change.
  • Hydraulic Front-Grade Control
    Concrete PaversOur optional Hydraulic Front-Grade Sensor Control allows the sensor to stay on line in a radius as tight as 7&\#39; (2.1m) without a crew member&\#39;s assistance. Two versions of the kit -• an operator controlled cylinder and a fully automatic cylinder -• are available.The Operator Controlled Front-Grade Sensor Option allows the operator to hydraulically guide the sensor in and out by using a switch.
  • Sensor Controlled Front Grade Arm
    Paving EquipmentThe Fully Automatic Front-Grade Sensor Option uses an additional sensor mounted at the grade sensor that directs the sensor in and out through a radius. This eliminates the need for the machine operator to keep his eye on the stringline while turning radii.
  • Digital Network Control System
    Operator has more control when changing the curb and gutter cross-slope on the fly
    • More production!
    • Slope Compensation (Patented)
    • Crew does not have to manually lower steering sensor jacks or raise stringline height in order to keep the curb from being off from 1 to 2 inches (25 to 50 mm) because of machine movement
    • Machine automatically makes the correction for elevation
    • Maintains true top-of-curb and back-of-curb reference to the stringline without manual adjustments to the grade and steering sensor jacks during transition, or calculating this amount of change in elevation and alignment, which saves time.
  • Mold Mist Kit
    Curb Machine MoldsThe Kit eliminates the need for the crew to manually add water to the curb or sidewalk.
  • Stringline Kit
    Commercial Curbing MachineInstajust Stringline Kit
    • 48″ (122cm) stakes, 200 qty.
    • Slotted end line rods, 200 qty.
    • Instajust clamps, 200 qty.
    • 1,000&\#39; (1525m) rolls of string, 5 qty.
    (Other Kits Available.)
  • Urethane Tracks
    Curb Equipment• 12″ (30cm) urethane tracking
    • Cushions machine to prevent marring the surface when running over recently poured concrete, such as stadium risers
  • Auxiliary Water Tank
    Curb Production Equipment93 gals (352 liters).Located beneath the machine.
  • Charge Hopper Water System
  • Light Kit
    Concrete Curbing• Light fixture with two 100-watt bulbs, included in the kit, is mounted to the front post for lighting direction of the machine
    • A second fixture with two additional bulbs, also included, is mounted to the rear post to light the pour.
    • Well-lit views of the work in progress for machine operator and chute man
  • Dual Side Pouring
  • MAX Package
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Trimmer Extension: 6 inch (15cm)
    Commercial Curb Equipment
  • Trimmer Extension: 12 inch (30.5cm)
    Commercial Curb Equipment
  • Trimmer Extension: 24 inch (61cm)
    Commercial Curb Equipment
  • Hydraulic Lift (for Barrier Mold)
    Commercial Curb Equipment• Makes slipforming highway barrier or parapet easier.
    • Quickly lift barrier/parapet molds off rebar at the end of a day’s pour
    • Machine clean-up easier
    • With 3&\#39; (91 cm) of lift already built into the machine, the Hydraulic Mold Lift gives the machine an extra 2&\#39; (61 cm) of lift for easier maneuverability
    • Walls up to 50″ (1.3m) tall
  • Post Hole Digger Attachment
    Commercial Curb EquipmentSaves hand work
    • Digs post holes for highway safety cable barrier installations
    • Mounted on left rear of machine
    • Hydraulics supplied from the aguer conveyor circuit, using the conveyor controls on the machine console
    • Auger for post-hole digger operates inside cylinder, moving dirt upward into a hinged chute and catching the material before it hits the ground
    • Hinged chute allows the material to be dumped out of the way of the slipform application and eliminates the need for a crew member to move the dirt manually
    • Excavated material does not fall back into the hole; thus, the pier hole is left clean for the slipform operation
    • Stop rod available for the attachment for consistency of hole depth
    • Requires a Quick Connect Mold Mount on machine.
    • Augers available at either 12″ or 15″ diameters. Consult factory for other desired hole sizes.
  • Mold Knife for Driveway Block-Outs
    Commercial Curb EquipmentA curb mold accessory used to reduce labor and wasted material at driveway entrances. When engaged, it prevents material from filling the curb portion of the mold. A knife can be included in a mold order.
  • Hydraulic Offset Lock

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