Form Pavers

FP-2700 and FP-3000

A close relative to our slipform pavers, the Power Paver FP-2700 and FP-3000 form pavers can be used in a variety of applications. Our form pavers, with only 12” (30.5cm) of side clearance required, are most frequently seen in congested commercial parking lots where slipform machines simply won’t fit. Powered using a unique cable and winch design, the SF-2700 and SF-3000 pave up to 27’ (8.23m) and 29’ (8.84m) wide, respectively. Because they ride on metal forms, form pavers are ideal in many airport paving projects where concrete pavement depths make slipforming difficult. The forms contain the concrete until it is dry allowing the runway to maintain crisp edges that slipform machines paving at great depths, cannot maintain.

Though smaller than traditional slipform pavers, the form paver uses both a spreader auger and vibrators, producing a structurally strong pavement. Equipped with tires that easily flip into transport position, the form paver can be pulled behind a truck reducing downtime between paving and transport. Due to the use of forms, the concrete mix design is not as critical as with a slipform paver. Concrete with slump of up to 3” (7.5cm) can be used.

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