Power Curber How-To

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Check & Change the Hydraulic Oil in a 5700-C

You should check the hydraulic oil every day before you start the 5700-C. If the level is below the line, it is time to add more oil. Learn how to check & add oil here.

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Changing Filters on a 5700-C

Changing the filter on your machine is crucial to ensure the health and safety of its operation. Filters should be changed at 50 hours on a new machine and every 250 hours after that.

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Replacing & Calibrating a Pulse Pickup on a 5700-C

The pulse pickup is an integral part of the 5700C that calculates speed and distance. Learn how to install and calibrate the pulse pickup on your machine here.

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Loading & Unloading a 5700-C

The 5700C is a highly complex yet very user-friendly piece of equipment. This simple tutorial explains how to start, move, load, and unload your 5700C machine.

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Vibrator Mounting

Learn how to mount a vibrator into a standard power curbers hopper machine. Along with the vibrators, you’ll need vibrator hangers and 2 rubber isolation blocks per vibrator.

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Vibrator Placement

A concrete vibrator consolidates and adds paste to the concrete. Finding the right placement for your vibrator can be tricky, involving a wide scope of factors to consider.

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