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5700-C Curb & Gutter Machine

The #1 Selling Curb and Gutter Machine in the World!

Power Curbers 5700-CThe 5700-C is the latest in the highly successful 5700 Series of curb and gutter machines by Power Curbers. This curbing machine’s compact size and versatility allow contractors to achieve high levels of productivity. It gets in and out of tight spots quickly, making tight radius work in parking lots much quicker. In addition to curb and gutter work, the 5700-C pours highway safety barrier, bridge parapet, sidewalk, golf cart paths, agricultural foundations, irrigation ditches and stadium risers. Customers tell us they triple a normal day’s production with “less work”. Less finishing results in reducing manpower from behind the machine.

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Why Choose the 5700-C

Once again, we’re raising performance to a new level of productivity. The 5700-C is equipped with a Smart Amp™ control system which offers the simplicity of an analog system, but with the features of a digital system. The operator has greater flexibility for sensitivity adjustment. Display screens on the operator’s panel will show fault codes if there is a problem with a sensor, cord, or amplifier. In addition, the 5700-C is ready for 3-D when 3-D is ready for your jobsite.

Think the 5700-C isn’t big enough to handle your work? Add the MAX Package to upgrade the capabilities of this curbing equipment. It outfits the machine with larger crawlers, heavier posts, all crawler steering, and a secondary mounting location for the right post. Additional features include low-speed crawler torque hubs and three extra vibrator circuits (9 total). These features allow pouring large variable barrier up to 8’ (2.5m) high, paving up to 14’ (4m) wide, and other large profile applications.

When you’ve completed the job with your 5700-C-MAX and want to return to curb & gutter work, the right post is moved back to its’ standard position. The curb machine then turns a 2’ (610mm) radius as always and maintains its’ 8’6” (2.6m) transport width in the standard configuration with C&G mold. It’s truly The One-Machine Solution.

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